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Learn Mixed Martial Arts Self-Defence


COMBAT JUJITSU RYU teaches a comprehensive but accessible and practical form of self-defence for men, women and children. Jujitsu includes Judo throws, Kata, joint locks, strikes, submission holds, groundwork, blocks, pressure points and many varied and effective defensive techniques without the flashiness or complication.

Jujitsu is a true Mixed Martial Art (or MMA), combining moves and techniques from Judo, Karate, Aikido and Ninjitsu to name a few. Our system is faithful to its Japanese origins and offers a well balanced form of defence both on your feet and on the ground. Our style teaches technique over strength and how to get the maximum effect from our techniques with minimal effort.

At Combat Jujitsu Ryu you're guaranteed a safe, friendly and welcoming atmosphere where you can gain confidence, get fit and most importantly, improve your self defence capabilities.

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